The persistence of the chandelier

Yes I know

proves nothing

not even that I am

writing these lines

who cares

as long as it

lights the room


Not especially spatial

A tachyon indicates an instability
Symmetries provide an extra rule
The Weakbrane is expected to be lighter
The scale used to measure energy must be rescaled
Not all dimensions are created equal
Additional particles can arise independently of strings
Several theoretical pioneers never completely converted
Different frequencies do not contribute democratically
The minimum energy of a quantum would be too large
The Higgs particle is overly large
Generally, we can ignore gravity
An eleven-dimensional theory with a rolled-up dimension acts like a ten-dimensional theory
Ordinary uncharged strings don’t pair with objects
Altering the Standard Model so dramatically poses formidable challenges
Their idea was elegant, and turned out to be of more general validity than anyone realized at the time

So much to do

The hierarchy problem tells us that before extrapolating physics to extremely high energies, we have at least one urgent low-energy problem to attend to.
The girl stopped and leaned on the metal rail, by a street artist selling tiny watercolors.
The essay, like the best of any art, is nourished over time by the transformative passage through it of all those exotic interlocutors bearing gifts and explosives.
This discovery dealt with the extra dimensions essential to the superstring.
Still reclining against the pillows, with the breakfast tray beside her, she was tearing apart one of the pieces of toast with her red polished nails.
These systems are all characterized by noncompressibility of information – to “describe” them , you must literally replicate them.
Corso didn’t give a damn about Alexander the Great’s literary tastes.
The strong force “charge” cancels among the quarks in hadrons, much as the charge of the positively charged proton and the negatively charged electron cancel in an atom.
The novel itself is a kind of garden that, as any gardener knows, is structure in dialogue with elements beyond one’s control.
In other words, although the engravings appeared identical, one of the three was always different, with the exception of engraving VIIII.
This looks very different from a photon bouncing off a big fluffy object, just as Rutherford’s alpha particle bouncing off a hard nucleus looked very different from one bouncing off more diffuse positive charge.
The girl embraced the novelist as he left the theater and told him bluntly that she had read all his books and was prepared to go to bed with him immediately.
With the right orientational vectors, the qualities of lightness and permeability place it in conversation with its immediate environment.
Then he fell silent and lifted a finger.
Unfortunately for supersymmetric theories, most of them cannot explain the absence of flavor-changing effects like these.
Now that things are so simple, there is so much to do.

It Presented as Paradise

It presented as paradise, but was really just California.
Hollywood, it turned out, was especially galling.
They had no desire to live a Wonderful Life.
Yet under the circumstances there was no going back to the old country.
Besides, the sunlight was pleasant, and they could get
Slip-on shoes and off-the-peg clothes.
It never occurred to them to go to the Soviet Union.
They would just have to build their own domes of gloom.
Coherent constructs, however, were becoming more elusive.
Things weren’t going as had been theorized,
And B’s suicide was particularly destabilizing.
Still, there was the pleasure of enduring unhappiness.
A would have preferred to be a librettist
In the tradition of Lulu and Wozzeck
Only starring Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.
That would have been his revenge on the Americans.
By the time they returned to Frankfurt
They were already an anachronism
Living in a kind of afterlife.
Forgetfulness was in the air.
In spite of their erudite and convoluted predictions,
Some began to bestir themselves.
When the students took over the Institute
They panicked, and quickly summoned the police.

The Ships Captain’s Medical Guide: Care for the Dying and the Dead

There is no stage in dying when nothing more can be done.
There always remains the task of protecting the patient from pain.
There should be people around to care for him.
Be sure to respect his dignity as a human being.
Never consider anyone to be dead until you and others agree.
Check breathing, pulse, eyes, and for blue in the skin.
Put your ear on the left side of the chest near the nipple and listen.
Ensure that the pupils do not respond to light.
Be aware that mistakes have been made, so check carefully.
Drugs or hypothermia are viable alternatives.
Investigate the circumstances surrounding the apparent death.
Do not be too hasty in arriving at a conclusion.
It is important to establish the reasons for the death.
Begin by choosing between disease and injury.
Look for any extant medical records for clues.
If circumstances are suspicious, evidence must be preserved.
It is usually possible to retain the body for a period of time.
Photographs are useful, especially those of apparent anomalies.
Strip the body of all clothing, without cutting, and preserve it.
Note vaccinations, tattoos, and external signs of disease.
To best preserve the body for examination and land-side burial, wash and dry it thoroughly.
Comb out and part the hair and give attention to fingernails.
Straighten the arms and legs and interlock the fingers over the thighs.
Empty the bladder by firm pressure over the lower abdomen.
Only in the most exceptional circumstances might you dispose of the body at sea.
If you must, sew it into a weighted shroud of very strong material.
It must ensure rapid sinking and permanent submersion.
Slits must be prepared in the shroud to allow gases to escape and prevent flotation.
Burial should not take place in soundings in any part of the world.
After preparation, place the body on an improvised platform on the ship’s side rail.
If seas are rough, ensure against accidental slippage: the body should slide cleanly into the sea.
Record the event in the official log with time and precise coordinates.

A Kind of Burial

Now she was free both to triumph and to mock.
Some of his books were advertised as collections.
He didn’t feel that he actually had to write a book.
For the moment, she hung suspended.
Its frame-breaking psychodrama challenged the convention,
But his cri de coeur wasn’t really meant to be heard.
She sent it to the committee for approval, as usual.
But he was not deterred. It was a kind of burial.
He felt the sudden pulsing of an odd circuitry in her shoulders.
Everywhere there were placards and inscriptions.
Sometimes it devolved into street fighting.
Then there was the problem of the autonomous regions.
She led him to the confines of the third floor,
Even though it could easily be misconstrued.
He gestured toward a slender scapula and asked her opinion.
There was the analysis and then there were the analysts.
It was a little thicker than water, but not much.
They drank, as the protests outside grew.
He disliked the notion of fulfilling one’s potential.
His accomplished and good-looking companion
Did pretty much any damned thing she pleased.


Brilliantly Debilitated

They had promised this to themselves.
Bereft of choices, they felt empowered,
Only to be stopped short by plenitude.
Eventually, they gave up their nostalgia.
They entered an analytical landscape,
But there were significant omissions.
They tried art, only the frame confused them.
It always seemed too large or too small.
On the periphery, small creatures or birds
Flitted without revealing themselves.
They suspected an unseen reality
Like a bicycle hung from a rafter.
Symmetry, they knew, was one source,
But they gravitated toward disorder,
And it made them incredulous.
All these deaths became unreadable.
Ideology was a lyrical technology,
Leaving the text unsaid, unthought,
But present anyway, a sequence
Brilliantly debilitated.