Twin Lens

There was a woman
in this picture
before she walked
out of the frame
to do her shopping.
She may or
may not return
before we depart
on our own errand.
Meanwhile let us consider
this still-life:
a great girthy oak
growing out of the sidewalk
and from this angle
up through the bed,
the back of the cab
of a huge new silver Tahoe.
I took this shot
with an old
twin-lens camera
a Ricoh
I bought on eBay.
It uses film.
It must be focused.
It slows me down
makes me
gather my wits,
And so we have
a tree-truck
which is clearly absurd
and beautiful
at the same time.
It makes me laugh.
But I must move on
to the liquor store.
Oh, there
she is, there

she is.


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