That Star-spangled Banner

That star-spangled banner.
That spar-tangled banner.
That scar-spangled tanner.
That lazy, no good flaneur.
That hard-angled manner.
That arched river spanner.
That grape-shingled fanner.
That peel-mangled nanner.
That short-sighted planner.
That uncreative penner.
That woman-speckled henna.
That narrow-minded venner.
That quiet, cloistered zenner.
That rocking-horse winner.
That roulette wheel spinner.
That unforgiven sinner.
That sirloin steak for dinner. 
That mouse-tangled pinner.
That solder-stained tinner.
That trash diving binner.
That O-Negative donor.
That stiffening boner.
That nine-inning yawner.
That obsequious fawner.
That flatscreen TV pawner.
That flesh-eating Donner.
That wasn’t me, your Honor. 
That blonde, blue-eyed stunner.
That outrageous punner.
That harrassing dunner.
That flour-spattered bunner.
That long distance runner.
That lascivious cunner.
That ball turret gunner.
That star-spangled banner.
Could this be any funner?

4 thoughts on “That Star-spangled Banner

  1. Love! glad you exposed “That sirloin steak for dinner” and so happy you ended all those “That’s” with the Modpo “This”…”be any funner!! Fabulous!

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