On My 66th Birthday

I got a phone call from a long-lost cousin in Los Angeles.
I wrote an e-mail to my long-lost sister to tell her about hearing from our long-lost cousin.
I found the long-lost cat collar lying among the dust bunnies under the dresser.
I discovered the long-lost TV remote behind the couch cushion.
I unearthed the long-lost application from the pile on my desk.
I had a dream about my long-lost parents in a time long before their long-lost marriage.
On a page deep in the USAToday website, I found the long-lost prophecies.
At another online site I found the long-lost specific interpretations toward the meaning of resolutely non- or ambi-representational poems, taking into account the multidimensional field that establishes possible meanings.
All in all, not a bad day.

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