On the Xenotext

— I foresee enlarging charts and photos from this exercise so that I can display them in a gallery, but I also plan to create other works of conceptual art inspired by the structure of the encoded, genetic poem itself. I plan, for example, to submit the gene to DNA 11, a company that makes giclée prints of abstract artworks produced through DNA-fingerprinting, and I also hope to build a colourful sculpture of the gene itself out of dozens of Molymod Molecular Kits.
                                                    – Dr. Christian Bok
Oh brave new

Oh benignant protein.
One small step

for a poet
ideally matched

with a renowned theorist.
Assistance, Watson. I have a Crick.

I wouldn’t want
to miss the opening.

Polly-wolly Molymodel.
Oh colourful sculpture.

Let us now praise

giclee prints.


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