Roof Dream

We are on the 10th floor, which is the top floor, and can tell from the noise on the roof that damage is being done. The maintenance crew standing at the top of the roof stairs says the damage is greater than they have ever experienced, but they don’t yet know the extent. We go out on the roof and to our surprise there is no damage. Instead there is a long stage with about 100 musicians standing side by side with their instruments (mostly horns). We are standing behind them, looking at their backs, and they are apparently looking at a conductor in the distance. When the first trombone is raised and blown, something flies forward like a golf ball, curving into the distance. Then we realize that all the noise was coming from the basement garage and are overjoyed to see that all that junk down there has been cleaned out. There are clear passages with room to maneuver. We congratulate each other, smiling.


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