Product Review #2: Farts in the Wild: A Spotter’s Guide

5.0 out of 5 stars A Triumph! April 9, 2012
This magnificent piece of literature is one that should be past on from generation to generation. I have also personally enjoyed the smell of my own farts. The sound of a fart is equal to that of a masterful musical composition. It is one of purity and joy. A fart brings smiles to a child’s face and a grin to an elder.

I am so glad there are people brave enough to write about the art of farting. I have started a special group of people called “Fartists”; they are unique and diverse. They take flatulence very serious and carry the honor of spreading “Fart Pride!” This book has been such an inspiration to Fartists, such as myself, that I have decided to write an Opera, a three part trilogy about a man who discovers his love and passion for farting and his quest to create the world’s loudest and smelliest fart. In the first part of the trilogy, the man loses the love of his life and is saddened by this terrible event in his life. One day, while sitting alone in his apartment he has a terrible case of gas. He starts to notice the wonderful and calming aroma and sounds that embrace and allow him to release this horrible sadness. In the second part of the trilogy, he begins his quest working with both science and nature, attempting to create his dream of a magical, mystical, glorious fart. It is a journey that creates obstacles with his friends and family, they feel he is emotionally and mentally disturbed and force him into an institution. The doctors discover he is perfectly fine and simply a man, on a mission. One of the musical pieces, titled, “My Farts Are All That I Have” tells his story so poetically that there will be not a dry eye in the house! The third and final part of the Opera will meld the two previous parts together and end with the man’s dream, his creation of the world’s smelliest fart. One the expands further past the earth and into this glorious universe! The title of the Opera is “Fartopia”; look out of it!

I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. It is truly inspiring and one that should be required reading to a true Fartist!




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