A masterpiece of great beauty and quality

The reserved, quiet Yukiko was fonder of going out than one would have guessed.
As usual, she said almost nothing.
Etsuko too had had trouble sleeping.
Clearly he had known all along how serious his condition was.
But the singers in the puppet theater go without food until they have finished a performance.
You have been counting all this time?
Such a candidate was not likely to come again.
There were all sorts of details to be arranged.
Might it not be better to stay away?
They turned off the flashlights and approached in silence.
Taeko’s dance was to come after the intermission.
It seemed that the people in Tokyo had urged her to write.
His conversation was full of words like “startled” and “confused.”
An instant later a man ran headlong through the audience and almost flung himself at the door through which the gaudy overcoat had disappeared.
The photographs were among his masterpieces.
One of the others also had two or three packages.
The four would move the heavy armchairs and sofas about to make forts and strong points , which they then attacked with air guns.
She began to feel that there was no need at all for haste and confusion.
He planned to stay with relatives while he looked and had other people look for a house to be rented cheaply.
Yukiko’s diarrhea persisted through the twenty-sixth, and was a problem on the train to Tokyo.

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