Sliding into the abyss of modernity

Okubata began searching his man as a detective would search a suspected criminal, running his hands over the pockets.
“And when you look down on the harbor from here, there is something exotic about it. A little like Nagasaki.”
Following a circuitous route as much to the south as possible, he came to within a hundred yards of the Kobe-Osaka electric line without getting especially wet, but to reach the school he had to cross a torrent.
Dr. Isogai was forced to take action when the parents and a sister-in-law, who had arrived early the same morning, began holding consultations in the hall.
“How clever of you to find a place for everything.”
Each new report had only increased her concern.
There was still no word from the main house.
There were reasons why Taeko should be different from the rest of them.
Yukiko looked at the floor, aware that she was being discussed.
Still there could be no doubt that the incident had branded her and to an extent twisted her.
“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”
It took a great deal of self control on Sachiko’s part to hear the story through.

On the thirty-fifth day after Itakura’s death Taeko had received the prized Leica — the one that had been thrown to the floor in Mitsukoshi Hall — and she carried it about for a time.


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