Who smiled but did not get up

Fritz tried to explain that he had seen not their everyday, but their spiritual selves.
She would have twenty minutes alone with him on the walk down to the garden.
Erasmus chose his time carefully.
His mother was young enough too, he added, to have more children.
A tutor was hired from Leipzig.
Goethe did not like to meet too many people at once.
The whole household wondered how Sophie was to be kept sitting still for the necessary length of time.
‘He is old, but I cannot bring myself to make things easy for him.’
At the back of the room, a very young dark-haired girl stood by the window, tapping idly on the glass.
Everyone knows how best to move a piano, or rather, how it should be moved.
Fritz bowed and excused himself, having duties everywhere.
Recovery would come in the spring, when the goat’s milk would be at its best.
The Bernhard was drowned in the Saale on the 28th of November 1800.

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