Lost Baby Dream

I had care of the baby, who as far as I could tell was my youngest granddaughter, though she was as small as a mouse.
We were in a wrecked apartment building. There were walls knocked down and trashed interiors.
The cause of this destruction was not revealed, but I and my friend were going about recovering things.
I had the baby under one arm, and miscellaneous objects under the other. 
Eventually we stopped in a field and put down our finds. That was when I discovered the baby was missing.
I panicked and retraced my steps, but there was no sign of her. This went on for some time.
I kept thinking I would awaken and discover that it was a dream, but this didn’t seem possible.
I made my way back to my friend’s apartment and he said,
“I know where she is. She is in the room with the parrot.” 
So I went there and sure enough, and I scooped her up into my hand.

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