Temporary Autonomous Zone

The thin man prone to bon mots,
the common creature of urban legend,
concentrated his forces
and all the romantic equipment
near Cairo at first,
then moved downriver.
Sometimes he stopped
to observe an engaging illustration,
infection by broken marriage,
in the garden behind the sprinkling system.
The whole enclosure used to be
a grenade factory, but he was advised
not to worry. The intent was to spread
a monochrome over the entire area.
The male stripper scene and the
erection joke had vanished altogether.
It was easier to think behind a cigarette.
He mused on the sunny side of repression.
Trees disappeared, then reappeared,
then disappeared for good.
A woman in one corner softly beat her son.
His mission was to visit sundry
misfortunes upon the locals.
He understood he was to buy non-perishable food items.



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