Final ModPoem

I have copied the final ModPoem from the Coursera site to my blog in order to preserve it when the ModPo course archive is wiped clean later this year.


This – 
All through the night-years— 
Missing me one place search another 
The sudden spoon is the same in no size. The sudden spoon is the wound in the decision.
The Truth must dazzle gradually 
always talking 
I’m in a rogue state! 
Let us describe 
But here there are no cows. 
what meadow yields so fragrant a leaf as your bright leaf? 
But he died in darkness darker than his soul 
marred and with stint of petals 
My incident occurs 
where nothing will grow 
How shall we greet him 
I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, 
What more is there to do, except stay? 
A line just distinguishes it. 
why not, buy a goddamn big car, 
the genius hacker under alien skin 
it certainly isn’t twenty sheep 
I am entitled to be deeply shocked 
as long as you are– 
Back to the instruction manual which has made me dream of Guadalajara. 
no one to drive the car 
her hand 
the child 
a single hurt color 
Let us Describe 
as though speech were a still performance 
What living and buried speech is always vibrating here, what howls restrain’d by decorum 
I dwell in Possibility – 
The Truth must dazzle gradually 
Loving repeating then in some is 
touch, love, explain 
if I tell him 
I look up at blue sky of perfect lost purity 
Leaning against the – Sun! 
Let me recite what history teaches. 
A silence already filled with noises, 
hang fish eye soppy in 
quite merrily 
and the fall of sudden hands 
Dreams! adorations! illuminations! religions! the whole boatload of sensitive bullshit! 
That their merely being there 
I ran farther than I. 
Here, for a moment, we are joined. 
Yet the sight of people making love is deeply moving. 
He held the Magnum with both hands and ordered me to stop. 
I learned 
in silken mists 
She ate her pudding in a pattern. 
I dwell in Possibility 
50% of a wonderful friend 
That bird demonstrates the sky 
I was born to be lonely 
If I told him would he like it. Would he like it if I told him 
I go and the days go by 
Shut your eyes, and you can feel it for miles around. 
the happy genius of my household? 
I doubt not God is good, well-meaning, kind, 
drunken taxicabs of Absolute Reality 
If a man is a player, he will have no job 
Fans stand up, yelling their. 
Kanuck, Tuckahoe, Congressman, Cuff 
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye – 
Whatever becomes of this Song ! 
and I stopped breathing 
one symbolic pingpong table 
the sudden spoon is the wound 
this cheese is more calm 
Do set the morning Alarm ! 
It isnt for want 
Will we hear your fret 
Nose of mine! what will you not be smelling? 
That single telephone is only one hair on the brontosaurus 
If I told him would he like it. 
with the absolute heart of the poem butchered out of their own bodies good to eat a thousand years 
I just want to make it to lunch time. 
Licking heavenly true celebs, 
I dwell in possibility! 
But Why ? 
I went into the neon fruit supermarket 
Make it new! 
Remember my little granite pail 
you are caught in the drift. 
more precious 
Five lines left for you

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