Persistently Centric

Old shop-worn anxieties and tired-out guilt,
Polaroid ripped back before it’s developed,
Forgive me I’m no good at this,
But this is just my immediate reaction.
Cigarette smoke and kerosene smoke are bitter on the tongue.
Another real estate boom is beginning,
Replete with deco and neon,
But I am selling expensive boats on the internet.
I apologize, but I know the damage is done. 
Soon everyone will be leaving. 
As any self-help book will tell you, 
The first step is to understand your handicaps.
Terminology is important when discussing anything complicated.
It has a flaky consistency, if that’s the right term.
I think of you, in English, so frequent, and deserved, and thereby desired,
An undigested mass of rambling metaphysics.

2 thoughts on “Persistently Centric

  1. Yes, it is the reader’s role to digest it. That’s all the fun!

    Opera was great. Also something of an undigested mass, but laced through with incomparable singing.

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