The Sausage of the Symbolic Order

The whole event was unashamedly theatrical, intended to inspire devotion, pride and enjoyment in roughly equal measure.
Clearly what we need is more poet-authenticity, more authenticity of all kinds, bargeloads of it.
I suspect it has something to do with the infra-mince of the meat of me and the sausage of the symbolic order.
The adjutant general advised Hanna that accepting the silver service was not conduct becoming an officer.
Even the possibility that this might flower into an elaborate horticultural metaphor is cut short.
Her poem rebukes us like a flood.
Three years after freezing in a Vermont winter, Lt. Leslie Groves sweltered in Nicaragua in the midst of a major fire.
Caroline loves to sew — she made this fancy dress herself. It features puffed sleeves, an empire waist, and a lacy floral print.
Records mention no misbehavior by the prisoners-of-war who volunteered to work on the levee.
But everyone knows, the realist is a secret sentimentalist.
The baroness was a fan of coitus, and an occasional snifter of gas.
Along the waterfront, Corps launches and tugs removed the dead and injured and relayed radio transmissions.



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