Too carefully put away

He had become so comfortable with absurdity, he could live freely.
The problem from this time on became more definite.
Decoration and efflorescence had been banished as immoral.
They were not scientists and could not figure out whom or what to blame.

The row of open balconies gave the feeling of the coolness of a river bank.
Tourism combined with colonialism concocted a lethal stew.
His ability to startle, though, had not deserted him.
Such candor is occasionally flirtatious, as candor is nearly always so.

The photograph has edges; the world does not.
The establishment of fact without method was the true horror.

It didn’t any longer depend on romance.
All theory is most inventive when ascribed in retrospect.

“I’m afraid I will leave behind only things I’m ashamed of.”
It was a vague, casual, even cynical phenomenology.
“You took a bath, so it’s not the least bit salty.”
It was subsequently lost, like all things too carefully put away.

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