Civilization and its discontents

It was a case of something happening that everybody expected to happen.
This battle of the giants is what our nurse-maids seek to mitigate with their lullaby about heaven.
Of course the real gravity of the situation has passed, but we are still under the spell of this idea.
Future research and reflection will undoubtedly bring the decisive clarification.
We sought to break down those units and restore them to their primordial inorganic state.
We want a simple answer that neither neglects nor does violence to the facts.
Even today this does not sound like a long-discarded error.
For all the effort invested in it, this cultural endeavor has so far not achieved very much.
The rift seems unavoidable, but its cause is not at once discernible.
This may have disturbed the structure of the study, but accords entirely with its intention.
It is nevertheless given to a few human beings to produce the most profound insights from the maelstrom of their feelings.

Whether one has killed one’s father or refrained from doing so is not really decisive.


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