Content enough

I must hurry this to a conclusion, but there is one last issue we should consider.
I was content enough the last time I didn’t exist.
I wasn’t there but I saw everything.
Extraordinary efforts were being made, but I was not authorized to speak.
There is not as much to understand as we once thought.
The machine gun in the lobby does not feel a need to be admired.
The carpenters in Africa do not understand a right angle.
What is the right density of abandonment?
I may better know you if I only remember you.
It is history that separates me from you.
You are the reference, and I am astonished.
I can say nothing in proportion to your certainty.
All the authors concur:
These things must be looked at when we are alone.
What I see is not a memory.
Nothing can be added to it.

5 thoughts on “Content enough

    • Hi, Mark — I’m still around. I’ve become absorbed in the somewhat lengthy reading for the Coursera class on the Modern and the Postmodern, and also busy at work. I decided after an initial flurry of writing to let the poetry settle out a little bit to see how well it is holding up. I’m pretty happy rereading these, but am also considering a more deliberate approach to shaping meaning with a smaller dose of randomness. I’m sure another fit of writing will seize me eventually. I can feel it bubbling beneath the surface.

      I have seen that you have been quite active in several different artforms. Sorry I haven’t been visiting and commenting as in the past.

      • No worries. I figured you were busy with other things, and I hear that class in particular is very demanding. I have also felt the initial post-Modpo honeymoon has run its course, and am about all flarfed out. I haven;t found what’s next yet either, though I do have a bunch of Coursera courses coming up (all music classes). Songwriting and Intro to Music Production start Friday.

        I’ll stay tuned. All the best, mi amigo.

  1. I am enjoying the Modernism class, but I decided not to take it for “credit” and am not writing the essays or doing peer reviews. I am also not motivated to participate much in the forums. It’s just different from ModPo. The lectures are quite good and the readings are interesting. I’m also signed up for “The Ancient Greeks,” which starts in a few weeks, overlapping M&P-M.

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