The persistence of the chandelier

Yes I know

proves nothing

not even that I am

writing these lines

who cares

as long as it

lights the room



Someone has given me a canister of sentences.
They are red, blue, yellow, white, black.
Fit together, they make platforms 
And vertical structures.
Each new fitting
Suggests the next.
Some of them are elegant,
Some fall over from their own weight.
Sometimes they start
The best part is
They can be taken apart
And placed back in the can
For next time.



None of this has occurred to me.
To save time, we will proceed by exception.
Your results must be concrete and measurable.
Unless, of course, they are abstract and immeasurable.
Then, we will lie down with the metapixels.
The preferred technical competencies
Are hydrological, geotechnical, and structural.
If you have any of these
You will have, insofar as anyone ever does,
A future.


Come all ye poets, gather ’round the drill rig.
It is time to do some damage, inhale shale,
bring some pressure to bear on the bedrock
under this quaint New England town.
This is our path to energy independence.
This is how we bust the big cartels.
There may be some minor quakes,
or possibly some odd smells.
But with the right equipment,
courage and resolve
we can unleash the words (even the letters!)
as the latticed sentences dissolve.


It is you that this is being written for.
But it is not you that it is written about.
There was a blank screen that this was written on.
But some things have been written in,
And others have been written over.
There are some things, perhaps, that shouldn’t be written of.
But neither can they be written off.
If you have questions about where this is written from,
Or doubts about the sky this may have been written under,
Look again at what is written above.
Nothing has been written out.

Reckless Gratitude

Yes, I know, some would say I have a feckless attitude.
I don’t entirely agree, but I can see how they might conclude that.
In my defense, let me just say that I have my reasons.
I might share them with you off the record, but there will be no public announcement.
I did conduct an extensive outreach program.
I polled the delegation and they were in agreement, except for a vocal minority.
Most of my Facebook friends are on my side.
Still, some introspection might be in order.
I know that this is something that I should work on.
Just don’t rush me.
I have seen this all so many times before and it only gets more painful.